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I am a brand strategist principally focused on the problem of designing value propositions.

Most who do what I do sell themselves as gurus, wizards with words, and designers of deliverables. I see myself as a teacher, coach, and collaborator on a mission to help make people, places, things, and ideas more meaningful and more valuable.

I coach and mentor entrepreneurs and other business professionals on the black magic of branding and the science of value propositions. I love watching people's eyes light up when they suddenly understand the power of the ideas I'm sharing and get great satisfaction developing in them the confidence to adapt and apply these ideas to their situational problems and opportunities.

My focus is on coaching and knowledge transfer rather than solutions because "solutions" don't really exist. What we humans call a solution is usually just a temporary patch that moves a problem to a different time, place, or person. Eventually all our "solutions" seem to require new solutions of their own. By training clients in principles, processes, and practical workability we not only address an immediate problem they develop the skills and confidence to address future problems on their own.

If you are looking to develop or improve your brand, your offer, or your value, look no further.


DF (Duane) Hobbs

Duane has an uncanny knack for being able to take a concept and break it down into a simple, easily digestible nugget - often with a touch of added wisdom or wit - and, if you're lucky, he throws in an analogy that sticks with you as well.

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What I do

Value-Centric Brand Development

Coach & Mentor

Personal Branding, Career transition, and Business Transformation. One-on-one coaching to help you become the best possible version of who you can be.

Work More Intentionally

The value of coordination. Custom-tailored team training focused on making your team more effective at creating and delivering value.

Workshops & Seminars

Learn the value of value. One and two day workshops developed to help you focus your brand, clarify your value proposition, or craft your message.

Strategy is Decisive

Strategy is the explicit plan to reach a given objective. Brand Strategy creates a platform for delivering promises and a container for retaining brand equity.

Value Proposition or Nothing

Without a clear differentiated and superior value proposition your organization quite literally has nothing worth buying.

Opportunity Development

Leverage your strengths and others weaknesses. Practical research and tools to help you change what you do, or change how you do it.

Guided Brand Management

Brand audits and CMO consulting to help you fix the problems you don't know exist. I identify and give voice to issues that might otherwise threaten internal stakeholders.

Branded Marketing Plans

Marketing plans either invest or divest in brand equity. Insure that your marketing effort is a good investment.

Branded Creative Strategy

Creativity provides the biggest leverage for your marketing budget. Manage your brands messengers more effectively.

Duane understands marketing and brand identity more than anyone I've ever worked with. He's also very adept at handling clients and providing them with what they truly 'need' to further their respective business. A real global thinker with an eye for long-term strategy. Understands the technical side as well, which is a huge plus.

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