My job is to help you understand and implement an effective brand strategy. I help clients understand what brand really is, what it really means, and how to use it to better achieve their goals. If you think of brand in graphic design terms the news for you is: brand is far more than a logo, trade dress, or advertising imagery. Brand is a concept far broader than a promise made, a message articulated, or an experience delivered.


So what is “Brand”?


Brand embodies the expectations you can influence but not control. Specifically, Brand is all the physical or emotional feelings associated with you. Expectations that existed before the logo existed, before the customer walked into a store, before anyone picked up a package, or heard a promise, saw a message, or had an experience. These expectations can be clear or vague. Positive as well as discomforting. Expectations can be messy, and aren't always accurate. What ultimately distinguishes a successful vs. an unsuccessful brand is how well the experience aligns with the expectations. That's where I come in.


Align everything you say and how you say it with everything you do and how you do it.


Individuals are brands. like them our goal is to find the unique way we bring value to others such that value comes back to us. The core of a brand is your purpose and how well you live up to it’s promise. Finding that purpose involves understanding your values and capabilities, your resource constraints, and what relationships matter to you. It means challenging unacknowledged assumptions and sometimes means acknowledging uncomfortable truths. Building a brand consists of: 1. Identifying value, 2. Articulating value, 3. Delivering value. And by performing in accord with the expectations created building enduring relationships. The main value of an outside strategist is objectivity. Providing you with the perspective to figure it all out.

Brand strategy gets behavior, communications, and expectations aligned. A analogy I often use is that like a coach who helps you become the best “YOU” you can be, understanding and defining your existing value, helping you design a plan to create greater value for your and those around you, and then helping you develop the skills to implement that plan. Like a coach a brand strategist helps you become a healthier, happier you, by developing your skill at building mutually beneficial relationships with all those around you.

Duane has an uncanny knack for being able to take a concept and break it down into a simple, easily digestible nugget - often with a touch of added wisdom or wit - and, if you're lucky, he throws in an analogy that sticks with you as well.

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What I do

Value-Centric Brand Development

Who AreYou?

Defining your value. Personal Branding, Career transition, and Business Transformation. From simple tune-up to complete overhaul, One-on-one coaching to help you become the best possible version of who you are.

Work More Intentionally

The value of coordination. Custom-tailored team training focused on making your team more effective at creating and delivering value. Learn to align what you do and how you do it with what you say with how you say it.

Workshops & Seminars

Learn the value of value. One and two day value-centric workshops developed to help you or your organization figure out roles, goals, and resources. Identify what you do, why it matters, and how to make the most of it.

Strategy is Decisive

Strategy is the explicit plan to reach a objective. Brand Strategy creates a platform for delivering competitive, if not superior, value propositions for yourself, your employees, your customers, and your community.

Value Proposition or Nothing

Without a clear differentiated and superior value proposition your organization literally has nothing worth marketing (and nothing worth buying.) Knowing this is what separates hobbyists from professionals.

Opportunity Development

I don't just ask questions, I ask questions that lead to action. Research has two functions, either to guide you to change what you do, or to help you change how you do what are already doing. Anything else is just entertainment.

Guided Brand Management

I'm "reality based". You can’t fix a problem you don't know about or deny exists. As an objective outside advocate for value-centric branding I identify and give voice to issues that might otherwise threaten internal stakeholders.

Branded Marketing Plans

Ultimately performance is what earns you a customers preference. Effective marketing plans don’t just produce revenue they sustain brand value by helping you establish and better live up to stakeholder expectations.

Branded Creative Strategy

Creativity provides the most leverage for every dollar spent in marketing. Yet until it achieves an organizational goal it's just entertainment. I create tools to help you more effectively manage your brands messengers.

Duane understands marketing and brand identity more than anyone I've ever worked with. He's also very adept at handling clients and providing them with what they truly 'need' to further their respective business. A real global thinker with an eye for long-term strategy. Understands the technical side as well, which is a huge plus.

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